Flagstaff Business Appraisals from American Business Appraisers - Business Valuations and Machinery and Equipment Appraisals for Flagstaff, Arizona


Flagstaff Business Appraisals - Business Valuations and Machinery and Equipment Appraisals for Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff Business Appraisals
Business Valuations and Machinery/Equipment Appraisals for Flagstaff, Arizona

American Business Appraisers specializes in performing business valuations and machinery & equipment appraisals for the Flagstaff region.  Defining tangible and intangible assets values for a business requires certified appraisers who can determine accurate valuations.  This is true for almost every level of company and corporation including small family-owned business, closely-held business, professional practices, partnerships, and limited liability companies.  Ask an Expert for all of your Flagstaf Business Valuations and Machinery and Equipment Appraisals.It is essential to hire a valuation specialist if you are seeking to purchase or sell a business.

A solid foundation of experience, professional integrity, and continuing education is required in this specialized valuation profession.  Our qualified and certified appraisers can help smooth issues in today's litigation climate, or help you avoid pitfalls during a financial transaction that can determine the future of your business.  Our appraisers can serve as expert witnesses, consult with your attorney regarding the business valuation or equipment appraisals, and make your transaction cleaner and more defined.

We recognize that every individual situation is different and that the businesses in Flagstaff may have special needs that are drastically different than those in a big city.  Our services are tailored to the Flagstaff market.  As a small community, we know that the local population likes to meet with their appraiser in person to make sure that they feel comfortable with the appraiser they choose.  Sometimes simply talking with one of our certified appraisers may help you understand more and give you the peace of mind to feel comfortable about whatever business arrangement you are working on.  This is the type of service we offer because we are a local firm. 

We promise you:

  • To take the time to gain an understanding of your specific requirements and appraisal needs.
  • That all of our communication will be kept confidential, so you can make the decisions you need to make in private.
  • That our initial consultation has no cost or obligation to you!

American Business Appraisers has offices in Arizona and New Mexico including one in Flagstaff, Arizona.  We are an independently owned affiliate of the American Business Appraisers National Network, which brings the best resources together from multiple offices located throughout the United States to complete all types of business valuations or machinery and equipment appraisal assignments. We have the resources you will need to get the appraisal that fits your situation while receiving the personalized, small town service that people in Flagstaff have come to rely on.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about business valuation or machinery and equipment appraisal issues.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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We Provide Certified Business Valuations and
Machinery/Equipment Appraisals for the Flagstaff Region!


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